Online Training for foster and adoptive parents

"Leigh Anne's training has been instrumental and a life line for our family's success. It has been hugely beneficial not only to my kids and helping process and heal their trauma, but has educated me on how to better parent each of my children.   Her whole family approach and ability to educate on finding the message behind behaviors has allowed our entire family to grow and feel heard."        Barnes Family

Foster and Adoptive Parenting training Package


Attachment and Trauma-Focused Parenting Class Package $199 


Includes Training Videos, Parent Questionnaire, Study Guide, selected videos of clients and their caregivers, all who have been involved in the court and/or foster care systems. 


Description:  This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill parenting class that focuses on basic child development because children involved in custody disputes, in DCS custody or in danger of being placed in custody or those who live with people other than their parents have likely experienced trauma, abuse and neglect.  Learn how your childhood history and probable attachment wounds have led to self-sabotaging behaviors that physically and emotionally endanger children in your care.  You will become versed in the cycle of attachment formation and learn more effective parenting strategies for dealing with yucky behaviors by identifying the underlying unmet emotional needs the child is attempting to communicate. This is a safe format for identify parenting missteps that will lead to more healthy interactions. The videos of children, maybe just like yours, are not meant to shame, but to enable you to understand the depth of trauma to a child, likely the same level of trauma you experienced as a child.  The ultimate goal is healing so that we can stop the cycle of abuse that transfers trauma from one generation to the next if not addressed appropriately.