Parenting Resources

Attachment and Trauma-Focused Parent Training Package $199 

Includes training DVDs, parenting questionnaire, study guide, videos of clients and their caregivers. 

As an added bonus, you will receive a copy of The Child Forgotten Bible Study. 

This training is designed for parents who are frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, afraid for and of their child, disgusted, sad confused and likely out-of-love with their child.  These children have severe behaviors (lying, stealing, physical and verbal aggression, food hoarding and gorging, sexual acting out, tantrums, running away) difficulties academically and socially and are profoundly developmentally-delayed.  Their histories of trauma include physicalemotional and sexual abuse, as well as profound neglect years of counseling and traditional behavior management strategies have not been helpful. Diagnoses have been made such as Bipolar Disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)Conduct DisorderAttention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and possibly the dreaded Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).  If you describe your child and their behavior to others, they might view you as crazy or nuts as your child is so charming and obedient with them.  If this describes you and your family, this training is essential to beginning your healing process. 

Description:  This is an attachment-based parenting model based on the Biblical principle (Genesis 2:18) that we were designed by God to bond with others, thus the company name Built to Bond Attachment Institute. You will become versed in the cycle of attachment formation and learn more effective parenting strategies for dealing with yucky behaviors by identifying the underlying unmet emotional needs the child is attempting to communicate. This is a safe format for identifying parenting missteps that will lead to more healthy interactions. 

Phone Coaching
Built to Bond offers phone coaching to families in crisis and those requiring additional assistance implementing the Built to Bond treatment model.  I am frequently contacted by parents seeking help in dealing with severe acting-out behaviors from their children, which is causing extreme disruption in the family system. 

Phone consultations and coaching are offered at an hourly rate of $110 and are conducted via Zoom or Facetime.  Payment is made by credit card at the end of each session. 

Adoption Support and Preservation

If you are experiencing difficulty parenting your foster/adopted child, Built to Bond offers a variety of services to assist you in bringing peace to your home.  Please contact me for a FREE initial consultation to determine how I can best serve your family.

1. An attachment assessment may be helpful in determining where your child is in the attachment formation process and offers family-specific suggestions and support.  

2. Phone coaching for immediate guidance is available, in addition to attendance at parenting classes.  

3. Weekly or bi-weekly in-home attachment coaching is available for families within a 75 mile radius.  Mileage may be charged depending on your location.  

See above for phone coaching pricing.  The fee for assessments and in-home coaching is $150 per hour.  Payments can be made with cash, credit card, cashier's check or money order.  Payment must be made prior to the scheduled visit.  

The initial phone consultation is FREE and will be limited to thirty minutes.

Therapeutic Visitation Services

This contracted service is designed to enable family members participating in visitation to have a safe, secure, abuse-free environment with the goal of reunification of children with a parent/caregiver.  The focus is two-fold and is a combination of therapy and visitation. 


One function is to observe interactions, evaluate each parent’s (custodial and non) ability to be attuned to, anticipate and meet physical and emotional needs of the children and intervene as necessary, paying particular attention to bonding and attachment.  Successfully completing the first year of life attachment cycle, no matter the age of the child, is ESSENTIAL to a child’s future ability to have successful exchanges with their environment.  Teaching parenting skills and fostering attachment are not mutually exclusive; one cannot teacsomeone how to effectively parent their child across the lifespan absent fostering connection at the same time.  Sometimes, this includes psycho-education for the custodial parent as well to prevensituations where the custodial parent is knowingly or unknowingly interferinin the relationship between the child/children and visiting parent.


Therapeutic visitation also serves the function of addressing underlying and unresolved problems in the relationship between the visiting parties.  In this way, it is much like traditional counseling or therapy, but not in an office setting.  Relational difficulties will be discussed and dealt with appropriately to foster a healthy relationship.  As such, events that have led to a disruption in the trust relationship between parties will be explored in order to foster healing.  As stated, therapeutic visitation is intended to promote positive change toward the goal of reunification, with Built to Bond’s therapist serving as the change agent.  

Many parents have been through the mediation process and multiple court appearances, often without success. Therapeutic visitation also enables parents to effectively co-parent their children by increasing communication skills and addressing unresolved issues that prevent them from demonstrating attunement to their children's emotional needs.  

An intake clinical interview will be conducted with both parties for a fee of $100 each.  This allows for a discussion of the history of the case, reason for the referral and requirements for participation in therapeutic visitation.   Therapeutic visitation is $150 per hour, with the rate doubled if the visit is scheduled the day before, of or after a major holiday, such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Payments can be made with cash, credit card, cashier's check or money order.  Payment must be made prior to the scheduled visit.  

To report suspected child abuse in Tennessee, call 877-237-0004